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In dating, there are a lot of factors that contribute to one's success. Among these factors are looking good, being confident and sure of yourself, and of course your personality.

Another key element that must be learned to be successful in dating is your telephone skills. What I want to focus on today is knowing when to call a woman once you get her phone number.

If you practice the skills in these articles consistently, before long you'll start to get phone numbers and potential dates. Here are some good rules that I use and apply and hopefully it will help you out as well.

First, when you get a woman's number, never call the next day. This is a rookie mistake that a lot of guys make. It makes you look needy when you do this. Instead, wait a few days before calling.

For example, if you get her number on Sunday, call her Wednesday or Thursday. If you get her number on Monday, call her on Thursday. If you get her number of Tuesday, call her on Thursday or Sunday. If you get her number of Thursday or Friday, call her on Sunday or Monday. If you get her number on Saturday, call her on Tuesday. Easy enough.

Also, never make the first phone call on a weekend. It makes it seem that you have nothing going on and you look needy.

Next, so what to talk about?

You can always talk about your weekend that you had. But don't talk on the phone too long for the first time. Remember that your goal is to get a date with her. So schedule one. A casual one such as lunch, coffee, or a ball game.

Finally, do not call her the next day after the first date. Wait at least 2 days before you call her again.

Applying these simple rules to your dating life will help you do several things...

First, you won't come off as needy and not having anything to do.

Second, you maintain some mystery about yourself by not showing all of your cards at once.

You will be a step ahead of all of the other chumps out there who make the mistake of calling right after getting the number and look needy and desperate. If you'll take these easy steps, then you will be on the right path to becoming more successful in your relationships.

7 Golden Rules For Phone Calls

So you've finally scored a phone number from that girl you've been working up your nerve to approach. You know how important the first telephone conversation will be and your nerves are rattled.

So now what? Telephone etiquette is a central part of the general impression you give a woman. Indeed, many disastrous conversations could be avoided if more people would simply think before dialing. So if you are rusty, telephone challenged, or even if you have been playing the field regularly, it can't hurt to fine-tune your game. While most supposed dating experts will give you dozens of telephone strategies to follow, I prefer to keep things simple. The seven tips below are all you need to develop a polished telephone personality and make a killer first impression.

1. Keep conversations short
Whether you are a busy corporate attorney, self-employed or even unemployed, you always want to give her the impression that you lead a full, active life. By keeping your initial telephone conversations brief, you will give her the impression that you are busy and in demand. And as an added bonus, if you are always the one ending the conversations, it will keep you in a position of control, leaving her wanting more and more of your time.

2. Leave on a high note
She'll always remember what you said last. Therefore, before ending a conversation, make an effort to leave on a positive note, such as with a well thought-out joke or a funny story. Even if your entire telephone conversation went poorly, if you leave her smiling before saying goodbye, she is more likely to want to speak to you again -- and hopefully see you in person -- which, of course, is your ultimate goal.

3. Have a purpose to your call
Don't just call to chitchat. I cannot stress this enough: preparation, preparation, preparation. Be armed and ready with a purpose to your call (the most likely purpose being to ask her out, of course); this will give her the impression that you are assertive and thoughtful enough to think of a plan beforehand. This plan will also serve as a backup weapon should there be an awkward silence in the conversation or if her voicemail picks up.

What tone to use, when to leave a message, what time of day to call, and more...

Phone Call Rules
By Gary Jackson
Relationship Correspondent - Every other Monday
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Woman on phone - Credit: iStockPhoto.com
Follow these phone call rules when dating
Women love the phone. To some, curling up with a glass of wine and the phone is the equivalent of us men hitting the pool hall. To guys, the phone is an alien world -- one that we visit as rarely and briefly as possible. And when we do make a call, we often feel like a fish out of water, which is perhaps why calling women is sometimes daunting.

But, the harsh reality is that making the phone call is needed if you want to succeed with women. In order to help you navigate your way through one of the most danger-fraught areas of dating, I’ve developed a guide of some basic phone call rules.
Wait two days to call
The first phone call rule to consider is when to call. Call too soon and you’ll reek of desperation; call too late and she may have lost all interest in you. Although some guys claim that the timing has to be precise -- almost to the hour -- you do have some margin for error.

If you've just acquired her number, wait at least two days before calling. Don't make the mistake of calling her the very next day just to let her know that you're interested -- she'll think you have no real life to get on with. But don't wait too long -- make that call within four days, before she gets angry or, worse, forgets who you are. Nothing is more humiliating than trying to jog her memory with the happenings of the night that you met: "I met you the other day; the funny guy with the cornflower blue tie..."

Once you enter the dating phase of the relationship, this phone call rule becomes more relaxed. After a date, always call within two days. You don’t have to arrange another date with this call; it can be made simply to thank her for a good time. It's also a good chance to gauge her interest level.
Have a reason for your call
This phone call rule states that you should always have a reason to call her. Women love to sit on the phone and chat the hours away, but they should do this with friends, not you, Romeo. Call her up with a purpose in mind; it can be as simple as to check or confirm something. For example, if she’s a fashionista, you can call her for some style pointers. Throughout the conversation take charge of it and steer it. Don't let her spin it and go off on a tangent; what starts as a simple mention of a seafood restaurant can turn into her recounting all the fishing trips that her dad dragged her on.

After three or so months, the phone call rules deem it acceptable to be more spontaneous in making a call. You still must have a reason for it, but the reason needn’t be as rigid as it was in the earlier stages. You can call her to tell her about a movie you just saw or how the business trip is going, but it's still forbidden to let her know that you’re calling just to hear her voice. If you must do this, have a fake reason to call, no matter how transparent it is -- besides, she’ll likely find it endearing.

While you are steering the talk, don't treat it like a call to your buddy: "Beer. Eight o'clock. See ya." Women need some substance in a call -- a little bit of padding, if you will.
Keep it brief
So, aside from the real reason for the call, what do you talk about? Ideally, you are calling to get to a point, keep it sweet and get out of there. Keep in mind that this is the warm-up for the date, not a date through technology, so do most of the talking in person. In the real world, however, she will want to talk for a while. Indulge her desire, but adhere to this phone call rule: Keep it short, with her wanting more.

End the call first
Just like the tired showbiz cliche, leave her wanting more. The key here is for you to be the one who terminates the call. The worst thing you can do is let the girl talk herself out and be the one to end the conversation. Don't be too brusque, but end the call when you want to.

At the start of the conversation you can tell her that the call will be quick. You can also have an excuse ready, such as an appointment to go to, pretending that someone is at the door or that you just got back from the gym and need to take a shower. Whenever you’re ready, just pull your excuse and hang up. You could even set a timer to give her five minutes then, bang! You're out of there.

The phone call rule to keep calls short and to the point is a very important one to adhere to: Women love to chat with their friends on the phone and if your phone time starts to outweigh time spent on a date, there's a danger of drifting into the friend zone.

By the way, never get into the ”You hang up,” “No, you hang up" thing. Just say OK and hang up if she tries to play that game.

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