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Noite - Disco - Porque as raparigas vão à Discoteca

Mensagem  Admin em Qui Jul 03, 2008 1:18 pm

Night Clubs are The Best Place to Pickup Hot Girls

>The main reason I don't like clubs is the noise. I feel
>that there's so much info conveyed through speech tone, volume
>and rhythm that it's all lost if you have to scream at
>someone standing 2 feet in front of you. I also like my patterns
>and sentences to go off smoothly, without having to repeat myself.
>Anybody know how to get around this in clubs?

The problem is, people don't go to public gatherings where there is NO MUSIC. When there is NO MUSIC, many people are too scared to chat with strangers so they feel uncomfortable and don't go to that place. Thing is, most people aren't players. A club is actually very logical. You are thinking about only YOUR INTENTIONS. See, for a girl, the main reason to be there IS to meet a guy. BUT, they have to do SOMETHING to look busy while in there. Some need an alternative excuse (like coming to drink with friends which is utterly absurd ... who the hell really wants to pay $5 just to get into a noisy place to TALK with friends.) Then you've got the old style mating ritual ... dancing. This shows off ones health and vitality and physique. Everyone have a different way to meeting others. Thing is, players happen to know the most efficient way. This doesn't mean the rest of the world does too. So it look like noisy clubs are the way. They attract lots of people. What other thing does that without actually taking the peoples attention totally like a play or concert? The entire club industry is DESIGNED to make money off of people wanting to meet a mate.

You are telling us that you don't LIKE the current mating ritual. OK, agreed. Its not the MOST efficient. But then what is better? I'm talking not better in an exception way like meeting a single girl in a park. I'm talking about the masses. how do the masses meet mates? is everyone going to goto grocery stores to meet their lovers? What is your alternative to clubs for all the masses? How about getting with the program and getting good at the REAL mating scene instead of perpetual wishful thinking?! Meeting girls while rock climbing is possible. But we aren't concerned with what is POSSIBLE but rather what is PROBABLE. Do you foresee the masses going rock climbing as a ritual to meeting their potential mates? I don't see that happening. Clubs are the mass ceremony events for mating. Join in and get good rather than coming up with excuses left right and center.

Remember the 9 or 10 in the goth club? I wonder how her boyfriend MET her. Hmmm. You think they met rock climbing?

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