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Mensagem  Admin em Qui Jul 03, 2008 1:25 pm

Newbies Mission

author: "Mystery"
date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject: Re: NEWBIES MISSION: results

>Internally, I gave myself this goal: to be rejected by as many women as possible in that 2-4 hours period.

Wonderful. I call this a CRASH 'N' BURN. When you have cleared a room and hit on everyone but the ones that seem impossible to approach for whatever reasons you've concocted in your head, I will CRASH 'N" BURN them by going in and just ASSUMING I'll fuck up. And most of the time I DO, but 3 things happen. One, I learn alot from it, its really fun to blow it BIGTIME and lastly, it sometimes gets you laid!

>(Think about it, someone gets rejected 5 or 6 times early on, and then they get phobic and whiny about meeting people because "I always seem to get rejected") I mean, until you've strung up well over 10 thousand rejections IN A ROW will I start to consider the statement that "I always seem to get rejected."

Precisely. They have no REFERENCE. By most people's frame of reference, that means that "I" always get rejected. I get rejected by 3 girls for every girl I get a # from. And that is only now that I am good. I think a 10% chance is still GREAT. I was rocking still back when I only got 1 in 10 girls wanting me. So? Goto 10 girls. Do it in a day. 12 girls in 4 hours is 3 an hour. Thats one girl every 20 minutes. Some happen 3 minutes apart. Even 2 minutes. Intro to one girl, its a NOGO so you move on and bang, there is another girl. So you 3 second rule here and Bang, your IN.

>One of Ross' "axioms" of Speed Seduction is to never place a great deal of importance on one woman. until you get her. and then place a great deal of importance to EVERY girlfriend you have Smile

>In fact, if she's rude to me, I'll either mirror the rudeness or shrug it off.

mirroring the rudeness is good, but if she is tactless, remain tactful and above all else, remain classy.

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